Aug 14

solar symbols

where will we look

greener pastures

when land is covered

not with mud but machine

towering bitumen men

a man man

to woo a woman

when what wakes

where will water

once cascade down meandering

but plastic bottles

contain earth’s collections

the world as museum

every specimen made to measure

great architect beauty treasure

but what of the approaching debt sirens

sing songs of bills unpaid

annoyed at approaching poverty

prove to me your inadequacy

incompetent parties parade  

a spokesperson for potentials

deals made

I’ll trade freedom for a grenade

let’s drink endless lemonade

in this dreamer’s dreaming game

save the wet wicks flame

and pass me a point of pure crystal shame

heads down to let the wind call my name

I’ll see you when the sun is covered by it’s own lamp’s mane

lions roar in solar symbols seeking surname

where you end is where we dissolve into the endless burning lovers name

Aug 08

Exhibition Eight at Adelaide Town Hall
Tandava, dance of life and death

Exhibition Eight at Adelaide Town Hall

Tandava, dance of life and death



Jul 18

Historical Revelations of Past Lives

Life gives you exactly what you need. 

Many humans maybe even most have contemplated the concept, reality or relevance of past lives. Some people are outraged by the notion of life after death, some are mortified that we may take on another form, some people accept that life is continuous and the soul takes on bodies to continue it’s existence willingly or unwillingly. Everyone has an opinion or belief regarding Reincarnation formulated mostly by their emotional response towards the subject rather than evidence and experience. To remember a past life, vividly or hazily and to announce it’s relevance in one’s own life is to open oneself to critique, skepticism and intrigue. Most people don’t remember their past lives. The reason why is most likely that it is not of any benefit for their life, it serves little value other than as a conscious curiosity and a play of life’s grand mystery. 

I met Kat on the first day of this year, at about 2 am on Jan 1st. An artist’s perception is their most treasured tool. Perception is an ability to see past the obvious, past the transient, past the gross into the subtle. When I first saw Kat I was almost dumbstruck by her, not simply by her beauty and majesty but by a feeling of recognition. How do I know you ?

Not long after I saw her again and took some photographs of her, I had to paint her. I worked on a few portraits of her, and it struck me like a thunderbolt, I have painted you before and I know when and why!

An artists is treasured to meet their muses , an artists cherishes and worships their muses like royalty, like divinity. In that moment of reverie I went online and saw the works I had painted 500 years previous, available through their archive of the internet. It all made sense now, like an arrow of identity that reached back through the historical narrative and was now a reality in my life. You were Simonetta Vespucci , treasured beauty of Florence and model of the Birth of Venus and I was, I am Sandro Botticelli. 

Jokingly my father used to call me Sandro, short for Alesandro ( Alexander in italian ) . An artist can always recognise their own work, their own marks, their mind, their intention, their subjects and their palatte. Looking through those works I saw, remembered and relived painting them, the intensity, the vision, the contemplation.

Anyway, make up your own mind, life is stranger than we can imagine

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Jul 07

human nature is a vast, mercurial and diverse field of potentialities
human nature extends from understanding our historical past and origins 
to what we are capable of doing, being and comprehending
humankind has created immense and profound accomplishments
yet you, I , we are capable of tragedy, ugliness and profanity
we can point to individuals, groups, and peoples of times and places and say
this is the peak, the pinnacle, 
we can point to individuals, groups, and peoples of times and places and say
this is the lowest, the inconceivable
what is it that drives us towards both ends of the spectrum?
we can say love and hate
and be trapped in the duality of pairs of opposites
we can strive for progress, 
but what are we progressing towards?
where have we been
as individuals, as a country, as a world, as an environment
and where are we going
and what is pushing us there?
we do belong to the earth
and yet human civilisation 
is the story of the subjugation and denial of the earth
we can long for a forgotten golden age, pine for Arcadia
or propel ourselves into the technometropolis, the technocracy that is the future beckoning our participation
what does our soul say when confronted by the great unknown?

death dances

at the dances of death
the great lord of time, who is immanent and punctual
asks the players of life to dance upon their coffins, upon their pedestals
in ties and suits and in rags and cloth
none is exempt from that dance
the dance of inevitability
fate or destiny
the reprise, return to great mystery
but in death’s hand is the key
of eternity, equality and equanimity
to know death before death’s hand holds one’s own
to know and see life go
to accept without the grimace that one has beheld tragedy
death not misery but that which has to be
no tear is wasted on death
no sorrow exempt
the great dancer who binds us to life
reminds us to rejoice in our living perpetually

Jun 03



Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba

Pine cone

Pine cone

Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba

Neem karoli baba