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Exhibition Eight at Adelaide Town Hall
Tandava, dance of life and death

Exhibition Eight at Adelaide Town Hall

Tandava, dance of life and death








The hand that moves all things

The dream that dreams about a dreamer


in the content of connection

conviction and introspection

who am I?

The question arose in the prose of the one who knows what?

where does one end and one start not

where should one go and what should one know

pointing to a premonition in the awakening of who

the mind that questions is reversed in the questioning of what a mind is and can do

where am I?

Location stripped of Geographical imagination

how can I know ?

How is the method for knowing and the vehicle for the answer to come and go

what do I know?

knowledge is not the store bank for taking the cake to collect dividends in the snow

what is this world?

The world asks and the world answers


That which makes me be what I can be is what can make you what you are

what is want?

A longing, a feeling, a needing

I let go and let go

below as below

the point of nothingness is a void of pregnant potentialities

revealed in the reflection devoid of personalities

pure provision provides the richness of the immensity

vast is the vision that pulsates in the prongs of ecstasy 

my now is the same now as always

the days stretched into the furnace of a fire pit

fit for the nectar to drip, to sit in the safety of serenity

the children of the world rest on the land of a lawn revealing the belly of a queen

words make a scene in the scheme of the dream

wake up to a pleasantry or a distant memory

wake up to the reality

one who is trapped is not one who is free


any moment that compels action leaves a ripple in the tides of the momentum

driving with you , you drive me

take what is needed and leave all that is unnecessary 


every soul is a supreme jewel within the cosmic tapestry of creation

unified as one being, the anima mundi, world soul savours the amrita, the bliss of relation
as the being of the world is one, each part and parcel a position governed by the rays of the sun
provoking is the play of the puzzle pieces poking each other just for fun
until the awakening of undertaking a journey to purify the petrified pieces into a diamond shining like a plum
as the fire kindled returns the burnt pieces into the primordial point between the eyes 
as the bindu is pierced in the ecstasy of intoxication and the mind, body and spirit are one
shivo-hum, shivo-hum

books that gather dust

metals that turn to rust
hips that no longer thrust
computers from glowing to bust
times toll takes no prisioners
in the inevitability of the reactions of ending’s permeations
creation unveils herself through destructive revelations
as the fire singes the impurities away
today is the start
the end and the everyday
tomorrow is a dream revealing itself in the anticipation of a beckoning 
suggesting we drop what binds us to what our minds are capable of constructing 
a paradigm whining or subliiming 
are all equal in death?
every one leaves in a special way
some opt out while some want to stay
born with nothing and leaving with what you say?
Memories are a movie screen playing away
everynight i pray
for a world where those that make their way
have a cosy place to stay
amidst the endless sway
of chattering laughter and dismay

tide yourself over

in the movement of the ocean

as an alchemical potion
is consumed as an intoxicating devotion
in the movement of many moments
surrendered with every plentiful passing breathe
the salty sea lungs grasp your hand
in the movement of familiar company
the rocks, seagulls and crabs
pass in a moment
inscribed on the walls of eternity
you have arrived but the journey is ever lasting
gasping for what is 
the sun ever basking
in a radiant splendour
ending in a sigh of surrender
the great architect of creative bender
fashions forms of infinite December

we must know
so we know
so we know
so we know
within duality
resolved of rationality
lies the secret treasure
lotus jewel
mystery school
the one finds the one back home

we are but dreamers
within the scheme of the supreme
crafting the seeds of our own mythology
each character a soul in the universal story
united by whom and what
we’ll call the spiders web
unified, petrified or computised
a node in the motherboard 
what we’re after is within
beneath and beyond illusion
future frozen
stuck in the dance of a golden light
the pilgrims plight
prove yourself worthy of endless delight
we’ll bump into each other again
who what and when
a circle of elders decide
be kind and unwind

power crumbles
glory fades
civilisations pride
turns to sorry days
statues crumble
ice cream’s melt
the hands of time, destiny and death
are ever felt
nothing lasts
as fear masks
our grievous debts
we have to pay
by today
our cruelty to animals
our robbery of earth
our treatment of those who are not us
but are us
there is no other
the great udder
is realised as the great Mother
her fertile land and cosmic womb
is all we have and all we need
from tree to hand to mouth to feed
but her periods of rumbling bleed
to shake things up from the source 
we will be on our knees crying in remorse
until we recognise her face, her name and her offering
children of the earth realise her breast is everything
why pollute this paradisal garden state
don’t ask don’t tell 
takes the cake
salutations to you
om hreem shreem

One man’s hell is another’s heaven

One man’s medicine is another’s poison

One man’s beauty is anthers folly

One man’s tragedy is anthers comedy
One man’s safety is another’s danger
One man’s stranger is another’s lone ranger






Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba

Devi emerging from a Lotus

Devi emerging from a Lotus

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